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Respect the dotsTM

We are not in this to get rich.  We have created Freckleray to create a brand, and to spread respect for the dots.  We have pledged to donate at least 10% of our net profits to organisations that support education and anti-bullying efforts in schools in the UK and Ireland.  As Freckleray grows, we'll be happy to spread the love to schools all over the world.

Respect the supply chain. Respect the customer.

Our products are lovingly and ethically sourced worldwide, with a high attention to quality from our London-based buyers. Where possible, we ensure products and production is Fairtrade (TM). Our designs and patterns are unique, copyright-protected, and not available from any brand other than Freckleray. To make your life (and ours) a lot easier, fulfillment of orders is via Amazon out of UK-based warehouses and available throughout Europe. Buy with pride, buy with confidence, buy with your credit-card, buy often... and tell your friends.